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We offer a wide variety of high-quality spectacle frames from some of the world’s most renowned designers, and the latest technology in lens options. We can help you choose which added treatments on your lenses will benefit you the most. These options may include ultra-thin lenses, extra-durable lens coatings and treatments, and the latest, most advanced progressive lens designs. We also have an excellent selection of sunglasses with Ultraviolet (UV) protection and crisp, clear optics.

Many of the products we carry come with warranties. Call us today to ask for more specific details. Call:


We offer ophthalmic and sunglass frames from value lines to a designer labels such as Jimmy Choo, Coach, Oakley, Nike, Nine West, and Ray Ban. Our frames range in price. Watch our Facebook page or check out Special Events for sales and specials!


We carry around 1,000 frames in stock with many styles to choose from. Frames are made in many different materials and are assembled many different ways. We offer many different styles such as plastic, metal, rimless and titanium. Our staff prides themselves on being up to the minute on

fashion trends! We can help you find the perfect frame to suit your style and work effectively with your visual needs. Not everyone’s style is the same, we really enjoy working one-on-one with patients to help find unique eyewear!


For all of your adjustment needs please come in and let our staff help get your eyewear sitting comfortably and effectively. Eyewear that is out of adjustment can affect your prescription's clarity.


Full-service Optical

Most of the time one pair of eyeglasses doesn't effectively meet each patient’s needs. We recommend sitting down with our opticians and reviewing lifestyle needs to make sure we help you see everything clearly and enjoy all aspects of your life. We offer safety glasses, sports pairs, swimming goggles and computer glasses, just to name a few. Come ask us about finding the right pairs to see life more clearly.

Multiple pair discounts

A wide variety of lens designs, including progressive multifocals, are available to help our patients spending a lot of time at the computer. The computer lens design has a much larger area dedicated to the distance needed for sitting at a computer. It is perfect for those whose work is mainly arms length and up-close reading. Additional coatings, such as Anti-reflective protection, can help eliminate fatigue caused by annoying glare, especially from fluorescent lighting. Let us know what kind of computer related problems you are experiencing.

Computer vision

Luckily, our lives are never boring! However, that does often mean needing different types of vision correction. Need safety glasses? We have great safety frames and packages! We also carry prescription swim goggles, ski masks, diving masks, and sports eyewear for all ages! Contact lenses may also be great option for sports!

Sports and industrial

We offer single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses, in a variety of materials including plastic, polycarbonate, Hi-index (thin & light) and glass. Plastic is an inexpensive material for patients with very small prescriptions. Polycarbonate is a thinner and lighter more durable lens than plastic. It is a safety-grade lens.


Hi-index lenses are for people with higher prescriptions because they are the thinnest and lightest lenses available. They also have less optical distortion than polycarbonate. Glass, which is more scratch resistant, is still available, but is extremely heavy and uncomfortable. With the advances in lenses the same crisp image that was once only available with glass is now available in plastic.


Are you having trouble seeing things you think you should be able to see, even with your glasses? If you’ve been frustrated in the past with the eyeglass lenses that just didn’t provide the clarity or quality of vision you expected, you may be a candidate for the latest generation of wavefront digital lenses. These high-resolution lenses correct for the smallest imperfections in your vision, providing high-definition vision. We recommend Varilux products because of the clarity and quality of the lenses.

Ophthalmic lenses

Selecting the right ophthalmic lens treatments for your lenses could be the most important decision you make regarding your eyewear.

Ophthalmic lens treatment

All lenses come with UV protection except for the lowest level of plastic lens, therefore Dr. Palm has already added that level of protection into the plastic lenses at our office. If you prefer to not have UV protection we can get lenses without it, however, it is not recommended.

Ultra-violet protection

Scratch protection is available on most lenses. We use TD2 in our office. This is a tough, durable, 2-sided scratch-protection that carries a two-year warranty. Once a lens gets scratched, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Ask our staff about adding TD2 to your lenses!

Scratch protection

Anti-Reflective or more commonly known as, Anti-Glare lenses (A/R) are probably the most important treatment to have done to your lenses, A/R will give you your truest vision possible. During your exam the equipment used to find your prescription has A/R treatment on all of the lenses. A/R will cut the glare you get while on the computer or in florescent lighting, which causes extreme eye strain and fatigue.


We recommend Crizal No-Glare lenses. This is a hydrophobic and oleophobic A/R treatment which means it resists water spotting and fingerprints. It also contains an anti-static property to repel dust. Most scratches on lenses are due to dust/static-cling on the lenses. Crizal also contains the highest level of scratch protection available; TD2. TD2 is applied before the A/R treatment is applied.


Transitions are lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark. This reaction takes place due to exposure of UV rays. Transitions has recently developed several different adaptive lens options. Ask our opticians which style of Transitions best fits your lifestyle and prescription needs!

  • Transition Signature lenses are traditional lenses that change from clear to dark when exposed to UV rays.

  • Transition extra active lenses are lenses specially made to turn dark behind the windshield of the car. This has not previously been an option due to the UV filter in all windshields. However, they do not get completely dark but transition much darker than Transition Signature lenses. If you have had cataract surgery you may want to consider these lenses with Crizal Anti-reflective lenses for the best relief from harsh glare.

  • Transition Vantage lenses are lenses that change from clear to dark with variable polarization adjusting to match the level of outdoor glare.